Wednesday, September 17, 2014

11 Weeks 5 Days... or 12 Weeks???

Great news!!! Baby is doing just fine! It was hard to see the babe because he/she was moving around so much! Such cute little arms an legs. Hehe!

Also, I'm 100% sure that I am feeling the baby move around. Yay! I have been feeling it at least 3-5 times a day, actually, I just barely felt the little one twice in a row as I'm sitting here typing this. 😍 Such a squermy little one! I can feel it most when my legs are tighter across my belly, like a fetal position.

The baby was actually measuring two days bigger than we expected. That could mean that either our little one is on the bigger side, or I was off with my calculations... either way, I may have gained two days! We will see at my next ultrasound...

My next appointment is scheduled for October 14th. We will be doing an anatomy scan to find out the sex! Wahoo!!! I am so excited!!!

Here is baby with a whopping 181 heart beat!!! You can't see much since baby kept moving around, but here you go...the head is at the bottom...

11 Weeks 4 Days

Tomorrow is the big day when I get to see my baby again! I am so nervous, even though I really don't have a train to doubt that the baby is just fine. It's still scary though...

I swear that I felt the baby yesterday. I might be crazy,  but I felt something down there and it was different from the feeling of gas bubbles. I don't know? Would be pretty cool if I did😀!

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Friday, September 12, 2014

11 Weeks 1 Day

Here is my new belly pictures. This last past week I gained two pounds, however, I'm still down five from my pre-pregnancy weight. I really needed to start exercising to slow down weight gain and ideally to loose as I gain baby and equal out. That would be the best scenario.

11 Weeks 0 Days

I searched for the heart beat again today and I was not successful. It's starting to really bother and worry me. My next ultrasound is in 5 days and I really wanted to find a heart beat before then so I don't give myself another heart attack the day of the ultrasound. It's so nerve wracking, I just want baby to be ok and healthy. Ugh!

On another note. I had a terrible virus this last week and it was terrible/painful. It finally is in its last stages. The purification oil is what pretty much saved me from the excruciating ear pain. Also these last few days I have had a little bit more energy, which actually scares me, but I know that at this time my symptoms are supposed to start dwindling...

Just need to have faith that my baby is ok.

Monday, September 8, 2014

10 Weks 4 Days

How far along is it usually when you can start feeling movement??? I'm driving myself crazy not knowing if my baby is ok or not.  Almost all of my symptoms are gone besides some fatigue and occasional nausea. My breasts have even softened back up.

 I Can't find a heart beat on the Doppler,  looked so much that my tummy is sore. I have a lot of cushion, however, I thought I would for sure be far enough along any way.   Ugh!

The last time I was pregnant my baby passed and my body would not release it. I have nightmares that the same thing will happen to this baby.

Friday, September 5, 2014

10 Weeks 1 Day

This is the second day that I have not been nauseous and have had more energy and less sleep. I guess my symptoms will come and go at this point...

Yesterday I spent 45 minutes with the Doppler trying to find a heart beat. No success. I guess it's still early, but it still worries me! I just really need to hear a heart beat for my own sanity! I will try again in a couple of days...

Luckily my tummy is still growing which I am hoping is a good sign. Here is my 10 week belly picture...

The bottom picture shows how I am starting to round out. Pretty crazy!

9 Weeks 6 Days

Today Jake and I got in a "fight". (The way we fight would probably not be what you would call a fight). When he went to get ready for school he discovered that the cats peed and pooped all over his back pack. That was the last straw for him and he blamed it on my for having so many cats. He left for school upset and I bawled my eyes out knowing what needed to be done. I called my mom and she rushed over and took Persia and Gracie to the pound. They are no longer with us and it breaks my heart. I feel so bad for them. The boys have even been acting weird since they left. Tucker keeps running to the door when I open it, looks out, meows, then comes back in. It makes me so so sad.

I called Jake and told him and he was so relieved that our four cats is now down to two. But my heart is broken. We went out to lunch to mend or relationship and all is well with us again. It will just take me time to mourn their losses... :(

9 Weeks 3 Days

Well, maybe I spoke too soon, boy have I been nauseous today. I spit up a ton of acid after I brushed my teeth and the nausea hasn't subsided since! Even though I feel miserable and NOTHING sounds good to eat, I am grateful for  these symptoms. They bring me comfort, hoping that all is well with baby...

9 Weeks 2 Days

I'm a little concerned because I have not felt nauseous for three days now. I'm still extremely tired, but that's all I have been feeling... it scares me because last time my symptoms went away it was because my baby passed away. This can not happen again!!!!

I want this baby so bad, Jake and I need him or her in our lives... its time... please God bless this baby!

8 Weeks 5 Days

I have gained two pounds back from the seven that I lost. I really need to exercise however I have been so nauseous and exhausted that even the mere thought of exercising makes me want to cry!
I am struggling with trying too find foods that I can gag down, most of them being bread foods which explains My weight gain. I haven't thrown up, just spit up acid and flem. All I can do is sleep when I'm not at work. My supervisor has me  40 hours a week and i just can't stand it. He wants me to apply for the full time position, however right now i can barely stand for more than 20 minutes! Ugh!

I feel like I'm complaining... I don't want to sound like that. I am so grateful for my baby, and as long he or she stays healthy then bring it on! I'll take whatever comes my way!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heart beat

Friday, August 22, 2014

8 Weeks 1 Day

Mom, Jake and I went to the Ogden Temple in house today. It was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to go back and spend time in the celestial room... GORGEOUS! !! After we went to Farr's for some ice cream. Traditions! 

Belly pictures!

I pretty much doubled in size!

7 Weeks 6 Days

Today mom, belle, and I went for messages and pedicures for moms birthday. HEAVEN!!! We then went Olive Garden for lunch then I had to rush to work. Ugh!

When I got home from work look what I found on the fridge....

How stinking cute is Jake??? LOVE! He has been so excited about this little one too. He has been a Champ with all pound the extra projects he has been working on to prepare for this baby. I am so blessed to have him as my husband and my baby's daddy. Loves!

7 Weeks 5 Days

Great news!!!! I had my ultrasound today and she has a beautiful heart beat of 166!!!!

All day long while I was waiting for my ultrasound I was about have a nervous breakdown. A prayer was constantly on my mind and I was so scared I was shaking. Mom came to pick Jake and I up and by the time we pulled up the hospital I was bawling. Mom stuff a prayer and we head in. Kellie met us there which was nice too. I met MmHg new OB Dr. Seale and I really like him! He was very warm and sweet and very mindful of my needs.

We went into the ultrasound room and as soon the probe hit my uterus we saw the heart beat immediately! I lost it then and there and I could hear Kellie and my mom bawling too and Jake squeezing my hand. She was beautiful!

Once the ultrasound was printed off, Jake took it and started dancing with it. So adorable.

Mom,Jake,and I then went to Applebee's for lunch.Out was fun. Definitely much better then the end of my last ultrasound. Thats for sure!

Here's our little Angel...

7 Weeks 4 Days

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound and I'm scared death. This is around the same time that last baby passed so I've pretty much been giving myself panic attacks! I at least still have been feeling nauseous and very tired so this at least has been a small comfort for me. Thank goodness for my symptoms.  Praying that this little one will be blessed and healthy and strong with a heart beat!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

7weeks 2days

My first ultrasound is in three days. I have been soooo afraid of what we might find. In two days I will be as far along as when I lost my last baby. I keep telling myself to calm down and not cause myself stress but that is easier said then done.

I have been having lots and lots of painful and dull cramps everyday off and on. I keep telling myself that the pain is just a possible cyst, but deep down I am so frightened for an ectopic pregnancy. Luckily, I have had absolutely no bleeding this pregnancy, not even during implantation.  If it was an ectopic pregnancy then wouldn't I have bleeding?

Symptoms: Everyday nausea, can't brush my teeth without dry heaving with the occasional acid vomit, sore breasts, raised nipples, fatigue, and the lovely constant urination just kicked in. I had to pee 6 times during the middle of the night. Ugh! Decreased appetite, however I have been able to eat at work, last week it was near impossible to get my self to eat much.

Weight: 279. 4 Pounds down from pre pregnancy weight. (283)